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April 27, 2010

IFAW’s Earth Day Whale Rally

Posted by-- The Management @ 11:04 PM January 4, 2011
Kristin Bauer and Rich Moos

Rich talks with Kristin before the shoot

So I spent the last week in our Nation’s Capital celebrating Earth Day with IFAW. OK, maybe celebrating isn’t exactly right since IFAW is protesting the Obama Administration’s position on commercial whaling.

Turns out that the US is the strong arm behind a secret push to re-institute, (read legalize), commercial whaling in the 21st century.

To be fair to the administration, they inherited the agenda. At least that’s what I hear. But it looks like they are in full support of a measure that would end the moratorium on whaling and allow Japan, Norway, and Iceland to continue to “legally” hunt whales. There’s lots more I could say about this, but far more educated people than I have illuminated the subject. Here’s a few links.


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