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August 21, 2010

Earth Day Video Update – Long Overdue

Posted by-- The Management @ 3:54 PM August 21, 2010

I’ve been meaning to post this for several moths now. Clearly I’m not very good at the blog thing yet. Anyway, as promised in April, here is the companion video to the Whale Rally/Kristin Bauer piece. This video encompasses the the rest of the events that we covered on our trip to DC.

In this piece, IFAW’s CEO and President Fred O’Regan recounts his experience attending the Earth Day Network’s Climate Change Rally and what it was like to tell some 200,ooo people about the Obama administrations efforts to legalize whaling. Afterwards, Fred was fond of telling people that he opened for Sting.

Since I’m so late with this update, there is good news to report. The IWC conference has come and gone and the proposal was indeed defeated. Good news for IFAW and great news for whales. The bad news is that Japan, Norway, and Iceland will continue with whaling business as usual in defiance of the whaling moratorium. Lot’s more work to be done.

Here’s more info on the proposal’s failure.

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